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Team up with expert eCommerce developers at Codup to turn any business idea into reality.

Top-Rated eCommerce Experts

Leverage from Codup’s 8+ years of expertise in key eCommerce technologies and platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento.

We help you navigate the eCommerce landscape with the right technology that makes sense for your
business, keeps your costs under control, and helps you grow and thrive in the crowded marketplace.

Build a Sustainable Brand with Targeted eCommerce Solutions

Consumers today are expecting above-average experiences where they can engage with your business
across different channels.

Plus, with the democratization of technology, the marketplace is getting more crowded than ever,
sending competition up the roof.

In this competitive environment, the only way to create sustainability is to create a growth system that
focuses on customer value and loyalty and allows you to perform above-market.

We help you navigate the entrepreneurial landscape by solving your unique business complexities and engineering scalable eCommerce growth.
We design and build eCommerce solutions that lead to:
Higher Business Efficiencies
Improved Customer Experience
Elevated Profits
Accelerated Business Growth
Increased Sales
Enhanced Brand Engagement

We Build Powerful eCommerce Integrations

We integrate your eCommerce system with other third-party software via custom API integrations and plugins development so you can drive efficiencies in your business and equip your people with the right data at the right time to make the right decisions.

Our eCommerce Development Skills

Our 50+ expert eCommerce developers bring in a diverse range of talent and skills to your benefit. Here’s what we are specifically skilled at:


Store Migration

Want to migrate to another platform? Codup can help you retain all that critical functionality.


Front End Development

We’ll take your design mockups and XD files and code them just the way you want


Online Store Development

Following a business discovery process, we’ll develop your online store that optimizes the UX and increases conversions.


Theme Development

We can create beautiful, clean, and functional themes for any eCommerce platform you choose.


Plugin/Module Development

No matter which eCommerce platform you choose, we’ll build custom plugins /modules /extensions to solve your unique business problems.


API Integrations

We build seamless and powerful integrations to keep all your independent systems in sync with each other.

Our Testimonials

Christophe Straut

Engineer Manager & Marketing Lead, Tracksheet

“I was also impressed by the quality of their code and their ability to align with our time zone.”

Ron Horne

CTO, Media Script

"Codup is definitely First Class. They came in with a great proposal for our project, but I was still a bit uncomfortable because of the distance and potential language barriers. We went ahead with the project and I immediately knew I had made the right decision."

Thomas Merchant

Global Manager, Web Platforms & Brand Communications

“They’re the total package: very competent in their field and easy to work with.”

Charles Dayment

Owner, Meal Plan Map, LLC

“Their honesty in the face of challenges and ability to work together to achieve a common goal was outstanding.”

Ryan Reger

Owner, JMRC International

“They checked in at various points and were easy to get in touch with when needed.”

Tony Kowalick

President, Vaxxen Labs

“The websites were exactly what we needed to grow our company.”

Barbara Bullard

Graphic Designer, Washington Media Services

“The team produced high-quality and timely development work at competitive prices.”

Saifuddin Kamran

Principal, Simply Studies

“I am impressed by their easy communication and good understanding of our requirements.”


Recent Projects

Working in the industry for over seven years, we’ve crafted great digital experiences and
delivered top-notch WordPress eCommerce Development Services to clients all around the
world. Our WordPress Development Solutions are designed to help our customers shine in
the digital world.